Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Win a Cigar Cave From Partagas

partagas cigar cave
Thanks to the cigar Nazis, there are fewer and fewer places out in public that you can enjoy a tasty cigar. In fact, it's probably not too far in the future where the only place you can legally light up is in your home. In preparation for that dreadful day, everyone should have their very own home-based cigar sanctuary just like NFL cigar aficionado Tony Siragusa. The fine folks at Partagas are offering you a chance to win $10,000 for your very own cigar cave. Simply send them a 200 word essay on where you smoke and why you need a cigar cave. The winning submission will be based on need, creativity, ability to convey the cigar smoking experience, and relevance to Partagas cigars. Make sure to submit your entry by August 21.

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