Monday, May 11, 2009

Cigars Threatened on Golf Courses

cigar ban on golf courses
Here we go again with the anti-smoking Nazis. Now these fuckers are trying to ban smoking on public golf courses. Are you kidding me??? You may not personally golf, but surely you've seen a golf course. It's huge. It's a massive expanse of grass and open air that is designed for a handful people at any given time to try to whack a little white ball into a hole in the ground. Let's say that each whole is 300 yards long and the left-to-right boundaries are 100 yards apart, you're talking about a whole lot of space where a non-smoker within a foursome won't accidentally catch the case of the cancer even with smokers around.

Smoking a cigar on a golf course is one of life's little pleasures. Nothing brings a smile to my face quicker than teeing off at Torrey on a Friday with a stogie in my mouth. When I golf, I usually play with a three other buddies. Half of us will smoke a cigar and the other half don't. Guess what we do? Like grown ass adults, we split up with the smokers in one cart and the non-smokers in the other. If I'm the only cigar smoker, I make sure to puff only when we're zooming around in the carts and the wind blows most of the smoke away or I'm off hitting my shot away from my friends. Basic courtesy and common sense is all we need, not more fascist laws.


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AD said...

Amen to that brotha, it will be a sad state of affairs when smokers are forced underground.. Oh wait- we already are.