Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Perfect Lobster Dinner Courtesy of Costco

costco lobsters
Hands down, one of the best steak and lobster dinners I've ever had was a few weeks ago at G Luxe friend Josh's mini-mansion. His lovely wife and two adorable kids were out of town with the in-laws and Josh decided to take advantage of the rare free time by inviting Crew Member Shadinsky and me over for some delicious food, great wine, tasty cigars and of course, the 100th or so viewing of Old School.

So what made the dinner so great? Well I'm sure the perfect SoCal evening had something to do with it as we were able to enjoy most of the evening outside in Josh's monstrous patio with a stunning view of the slow sunset over the Del Mar hills. The ribeyes were seasoned and cooked perfectly, the bottle (or two, or three) of wine that we consumed were excellent and the selection of CAO and Padron cigars matched perfectly with the meal.

However, the stars of the meal were the large lobster tails that we purchased at Costco. Yup, Costco. Don't hate you pretentious bastards. These Costco lobster tails were awesome. Sure they may not have been Maine lobsters, but honestly you couldn't tell the difference anyways. And the best part was the price. At about 11 bucks per tail (each one weighing over half a pound), these bad boys were a freaking bargain. While a whole lobster usually runs over $20 a pound, you end up paying for a lot of lobster that you're not going to be eating (the head, extra shell, etc.). But with these tails, you get mostly delicious lobster meat. We prepared them simply over the grill with some salt, pepper and a cilantro-infused butter prepared by Shadinsky.

We plan on having many more lobsters courtesy of Costco this summer, including a few beach-side soirees with some Coronas and bikini-clad coeds loitering about. We highly recommend you do the same.

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Dave said...

I have purchased many a lobster tail and king crab legs from costco. But this friday i boughtone here in mesa, az. and it was terrible. At first i thought it was not a good quality one, but i than put my nose to it and it smelled of ammonia! i researched it and found out it was dead to long and spoiled! I was sick for 2 days, feeling better today, Waiting to hear back from costco, will let u know