Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Porsche Design Eye Glasses

porsche design eye glasses p8802
A few weeks ago, I picked up a pair of eye glasses at Costco. Lesson learned: don't buy eye glasses at Costco. I only did so because I was already there for some lobsters and figured I should pick up a pair of glasses to replace my five year old pair which had the wrong prescriptions by a factor of two. Scanning their limited selection, I selected a pair that I thought looked OK - figuring I didn't need anything too pimpish since I usually wear contacts and really only wear glasses while laying on my couch at night. A week later, I picked up my new specs and brought them home. I put them on, looked in the mirror, and to my horror, realized that the glasses made me look like a damn molester. Think Jeffrey Dahmer. I'm not sure how I ever thought these glasses looked "OK". Perhaps they looked fine relative to all the uggos that work and hang around the Costco eye center, but definitely not out in normal society.

Whatever the case may be, I'm back on the market for a new pair of glasses. This time, I'll go with something a bit more stylish, perhaps like the P8802 by Porsche Design. The lenses are self-tinting and provide 100% UV protection. The frame is made of both high-tech plastic and titanium. And no, you can't find them at Costco. However, you can buy them here for about $300.

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