Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Topless Ban in Australia?

proposed topless ban australia
I first fell in love with Australians - at least Australian women - when I was a wee bit middle-schooler visiting the beautiful tropical island of Bali. I walked on to the beach and what laid in front of me but a sea of voluptuous Australian girls sunbathing under the hot equator sun...topless. It was heaven for a horny 12-year old. Well now it looks like those crazy Australians are catching a case of prudishness as luxique.com is reporting that a New South Wales politician is trying to ban topless sunbathing on Sydney's beaches including Bondi and Manly. The wet-blanket knuckleheads behind the proposed ban claim that "families at the beach in summer did not want to see topless women." Fortunately there are still some level-headed politicians fighting the ban. New South Wales Assistant Health Minister, Jodi McKay, states: “We don’t want to go down the slippery slope of banning activities like this. What would be next, banning breastfeeding?”. Ever the diplomats we are, we propose a compromise: the topless ban only applies to the fat and ugly.

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