Monday, June 8, 2009

Gourmet Journeys

gourmet journeys by g.h. mumm
Every guy dreams of jumping into his very own G-5 and traveling the globe, making stops in cities like Paris and Tokyo for an evening of great food and some bubbly with a long-legged lovely. Well if that check from your company's 10-figure sale hasn't cleared quite yet, you can still dream that (not so) little dream courtesy of champagne maker G.H.Mumm. The French champagne house has put together a cool little website called Gourmet Journeys where you can jump into their virtual jet - complete with a personal butler - and travel to various cities including New York, Paris, Seville, Saint-Petersburg, and Tokyo. At each destination, you'll be presented with a menu of delicious food items complete with recipes and their recommended drink accompaniment (one of G.H.Mumm's champagnes of course). But keep the faith though dear readers...someday you'll be able to do this in real life.


Cigartender said...

"But keep the faith though dear readers...someday you'll be able to do this in real life."

Aye, I plan to, but for the doom so eloquently pointed out by this comrade.

What say you G Luxe? How shall we rally the capitalist army? I'll suplly the cigars for our victory party.

Jaba said...

Ahhh my friend, it looks we may be on different sides of the political aisle. But that's what makes this country great...we're all (at least most of us) are united by the love and pursuit of money. Keep the faith, capitalism will never die in the States. Despite all the gloom doom, there are still plenty of business and entrepreneurs doing just fine...hell I'm working on plenty of liquidity events that will make many of them very, very, VERY, rich.

But I do love the idea about the cigars for the victory party. Please save me an Ashton VSG.