Thursday, February 14, 2008

Luxe of the Day: Ducati 1098 R

Ducati 1098 R
Today's Luxe of the Day comes courtesy of our loyal viewer Andrew D. from Los Angeles. We're not motorcycle experts so all we can say about the Ducati 1098 R is that it's stunning.

Actually, we can say a bit more. The bike's 1198cc, V-twin four-stroke engine churns out 178bhp enabling this rocket to reach a top speed of 180 mph. That's an insane speed for any machine that doesn't come with four wheels and a roll cage. But for you speed freaks, this is the bike for you, especially if you can stomach the $40,000+ price tag.


Andrew said...

A brief history on the storied color (Red) used in the lusty vehicles build in Italy.

Rosso Corsa is the red international motor racing colour of Italy. Since the 1920s, Italian race cars of Alfa Romeo, Maserati and later Ferrari and Abarth were (and often still are) painted in rosso corsa ("race red"). This was the customary national racing colour of Italy, as recommended between the World Wars by the organisations that later would become the FIA. In that scheme, French cars like Bugatti were blue, German like BMW and Porsche white (since 1934 also Silver Arrows), British racing green etc.

The colour was not determined by the country the car was made in, nor by the nationality of the driver(s), but by the nationality of the team that entered the vehicle. For example, a yellow Ferrari 156 was entered and driven in the 1961 Belgian Grand Prix by Olivier Gendebien from Belgium, scoring 4th behind 3 other Ferrari 156 painted in red, as they were entered by the Scuderia Ferrari itself, but driven by Americans Phil Hill and Richie Ginther as well as German Wolfgang von Trips.

Elephant Hunter said...

A little typo, Andrew mean the lusty vehicles BUILT in Italy.