Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Porsche for a...Hyundai???

hyundai sonata sucks
My brake warning light went off last week and I thought to myself, "Shit, there goes at least a grand." But the money I'm going to have to spend getting new brake pads isn't what pissed me off. No, regular maintenance is part of owning any car and paying a premium price to pay for service goes with owning a nice car. What ticked me off was getting handed the keys to a freaking Hyundai Sonata as a loaner car. A Hyundai. Are you freaking kidding me??? Now I understand that it's probably cost-prohibitive for the dealer to provide all their customers with brand-new 911's as loaners, but you can't tell me that a Hyundai Sonata is the best they can do. At least provide us with a used Boxster, or a Cayman, or maybe even a Cayenne. Having to drive a Hyundai when you're the owner of a Porsche is like having to go to bed with the dim sum cart lady when your Asian model girlfriend is out of town. It's just not right. So Pioneer Centres Porsche, please do the right thing and stop loaning out piece of shit Hyundai's.

(Full disclosure: the Hyundai was loaned out through a free Hertz rental. Still...)


Anonymous said...

Time for you to grow up, Hyundai makes a great car. I had an 03 Hyundai Tiburon which was a great car, and now I have a 08 BMW. I am still the same person.

Jaba said...

Did this post get picked up by the Hyundai fan club or something? I also had a Powder Blue ’86 Nissan Stanza, what the hell does that have to with anything??? I don’t have that piece of shit Stanza now and Im paying an arm and fucking leg to get my Porsche fixed. If Im paying that arm and leg, I have the right to demand a better loaner car. If you walk into a McDonalds and expect primo service, than you’re a dumbass. However, if you spend $200 a head at a nice restaurant, you have all the right in the world to demand good service. And the fact that you had to pull the “I am still the same person” psycho babble crap means you probably have issues to work on besides having driven a shitty car.

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful Silver Hyundai.
It could have been worst, a Kia!
Damn from a Porsche to Hyndai, that's like saying from a Toyota to a riding a cow.

Anonymous said...

That's right, you're paying to get your Porsche FIXED, NOT paying a rental fee for another Porsche. You're paying el primo rates b/c you have an el primo car that costs el primo rates to el primo fix. Want to have a temp of another sort? Great, go rent one somewhere, but a loaner is a LOANER (words mean things), so don't act like you're paying for it or are entitled to it without paying for it - you're not. When your Porsche is fixed you'll have gotten what you paid for, a fixed el primo Porsche and a loaner, free of charge.