Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Samuel Adams Utopias

If spending $800 for a bottle of beer sounds, well, idiotic, perhaps you might want to consider a much more reasonable $150 option by Samuel Adams.  Utopias is a special brew made by the company since February 2002 and is best known for being one of the strongest beers in the world.  In fact, it's high alcohol content of 27 percent has made it illegal in 12 states.  The beer is made with a special blend of malts and hops and then aged in scotch, cognac and port barrels for almost a year.  The beer is offered in a copper-finished kettle bottle and retails for $150, although older vintages can fetch hundreds of dollars.

Here is Luxist's take on Utopias' taste:

"The high alcohol hits you right away. The oak is very over-the-top. It would be criticized if we were tasting cognac or wine. In beer, it is novel. Taste of figs and caramel come from the barrels. The finish is short, which is a bit disappointing. But once you understand that this is a different product than whiskey when it comes to finishes, it's okay. You have to accept, or not, the character of aged, barreled beer."

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