Friday, July 24, 2009

Omega Aqua Terra Co-Axial GMT Chronograph

omega aqua terra chronograph
If the Omega Moon Watch is just a bit too "historic" for you, then check out the latest Seamaster Aqua Terra Co-Axial Chronograph also by Omega. The 46mm size watch features an automatic Co-Axial escapement caliber 3603 movement with a column wheel chronograph, GMT complications, and a cool vertical line pattern on the dial that is suppose to make it look like the deck of a boat. The watch comes in either stainless steel or 18k red gold and is water resistant down to 150 meters (I never understood the need for resistance to such depths since your body would probably burst well before). If you want one, the price is still TBD but expect to pay north of $5,000 for the steel version and well above that for the gold version.


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Anonymous said...

This watch is actually 44mm...not 46mm. Also, the depth rating on a watch is simply a measure of the pressure that the watch can withstand before letting water in through the crown,case,etc. Pressure is considerably increased as you move through the practically speaking, a rating of 150m would mean it could withstand the pressure at a much shallower depth when moving. Also, remember that there are indeed deep sea professional divers that dive that deep and deeper. The seamaster lineup comes from a heritage of professional instruments for this group (granted, not so much with the aqua Terra pieces).