Sunday, October 25, 2009

Be a Man

maxims of manhood
If you're reading G Luxe, chances are you're a man. Well, at least technically a man. But are you a real man? If you've noticed yourself spending a bit too much on facial products (guilty), or paying more attention to the latest sale at Bloomingdale's instead of your fantasy football league, then perhaps you need a refresher on manliness.

Enter The Maxims of Manhood: 100 Rules Every Real Man Must Live By, a book that the Crew has adopted as our official bible. Jeff Wilser offers every aspiring male wise counsel on how to act, dress, get the ladies, and succeed at work place in this ever metro-sexual world. Sample maxims include: outperform the GPS, never switch your favorite team, don't trust yoga, and no man makeup. Lest you think this book was written by some misogynistic, homophobic, meathead blowhard, The Maxims of Manhood also provides enlightened rules such as: tip well, always hold the door, have the guts to wear pink, have at least one very good gay friend, and don't cheat.

The book is a quick read which you could probably finish on one plane flight or on one toilet session after a big Mexican dinner. If while reading the book you find yourself having broken maxims left and right, don't worry, these rules are like the 10 Commandments: they're things to strive for but chances are you'll whiff badly. Hell, Crew Member Drewsky who fashions himself a manly commando probably has broken 80 percent of the maxims.

Buy a copy at for $10.

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