Thursday, July 9, 2009

United Gets Bashed With a Guitar

How many times have you been subjected to the craptacular service at United and wished that you could do something about it? Sure, you could complain to United's customer service department - and I use "customer service" loosely - but honestly, what good has that ever done except get you some boiler plate response which may or may not include an apology.

It seems the only way to get United's attention is to write a funny-ass song about your poor experience and post it on YouTube for the world to see, kinda like what singer and song writer Dave Carroll did. In fact, the talented Mr. Carrol was so upset about the $1,200 in damages to his precious guitar as a result of some less-than-attentive United bag handlers, as well his experience with a certain customer service rep named Ms. Irlweg who rejected his claim citing his failure to "complain in the right place or the right time", that he went beyond writing one song but rather three along with accompanying music videos (the first one being the hilarious video below).

Read Carrol's account of his frustrating ordeal on his website. Fuck United.


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