Monday, July 20, 2009

A Good Cup of Coffee

judege a good cup of coffee
There's always a good, healthy debate among the G Luxe Crew on the best way to drink a cup of coffee. Drewsky thinks he's a commando so he opts for straight black, no cream or sugar. Shadinsky doesn't mind a little sugar but refuses any cream. Tandori, well, he'll drink anything put in front of him.

Regardless of how you drink your coffee, there are some basics on how to tell whether you're drinking a good cup of coffee to begin with. Michaele Weissman, author of God in a Cup has put together her 10 Ways to Judge a Good Cup of Coffee. She also throws in a good little tip:

"Knowing where your coffee comes from can help you pick one that will taste great to you. Latin American coffees tend to be chocolaty and mild. Coffees from east Africa tend to have a wake-up-your-mouth kind of perkiness that coffee pros call brightness. Coffees from Indonesia tend to be earthy, dark, and more intense."

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