Thursday, July 30, 2009

Four Seasons is Tops

four seasons top jd power survey
I've always complained that it's difficult to even BUY luxury service here in the US. First Class flights simply mean slightly bigger seats and slightly better food but the same bitchy stewardesses. 5-Star hotels will get you a nice room and amenities but ask for a late checkout and it's like you asked for a free upgrade to the Presidential Suite.

The sole exception in the sea of luxury mediocrity has always been Four Seasons so we were glad to see that JD Power recently named Four Seasons the top hotel chain in the country. And to help give us faith that the country isn't turning into a bunch of frugal K-Mart shoppers who couldn't give a rat's ass about quality, the JD Power survey found that although the average amount spent at a Four Seasons room is 10% higher than average, the satisfaction with the cost among its guest was dramatically higher.



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