Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Alec Bradley Select Cabinet Reserve

alec bradley select cabinet reserve scr cigars
I'm smoking an Alec Bradley Tempus cigar which I've had in the humidor for a few weeks, when I read about the upcoming release of his Select Cabinet Reserve cigars. If the new cigars are anything like the Tempus or the Maxx which I also enjoy, then cigar smokers should be in for a real treat.

The Select Cabinet Reserve is made with Honduran Trojes wrappers which company President Alan Rubin described:

"We talked about the natural sweetness of the wrapper and the chance to develop a blend around its unique flavor profile," Rubin says. "When we got back to the factory, we went to where we store all the wrapper tobacco and opened a few bales for inspection. I grabbed a hand of tobacco containing 25 leaves, plucked two of them, de-stemmed them, and rolled a sample. These caramel colored leaves were glorious to the touch and looked fantastic. Even better, they smoked every bit as good as I expected."

Sounds like something that's right up my taste bud's alley. The cigars should be available later this month and will come in boxes of 20.

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