Friday, May 29, 2009

Naked Sushi

naked sushi nyotaimori
A while ago, we posted about a NYC-based company that provides lovers of sushi and beautiful women the opportunity to participate in the Japanese tradition of Nyotaimori. Well happy days for the G Luxe Crew as we recently found out that a company called Naked Sushi has recently started to offer Nyotaimori dinners for those of us in SoCal.

Co-founded by the lovely Samantha Nguyen., Naked Sushi provides a private dining experience that you surely won't forget. Depending on your budget and prudishness, they will cater a sushi dinner ranging from their basic package which includes a chef, geisha hostess, beer, sake, wine, sushi rolls and Nigiri sushi to their Nyotaimori Dinner which, gentlemen, is causing me the shakes just thinking about it. What you and your guests will get as part of the Nyotaimori package is a chef (fully dressed), nude Nyotaimori model, topless geisha hostess, and "elite" class beer, sake, wine, sushi rolls and Nigiri sushi. And don't for a minute think the girls will be frumpy,, no, no. Naked Sushi has a stable of stunning Asian ladies who probably have done a photo-shoot or two.

As expected, dinner packages don't come cheap with the basic sushi dinner running at $80 a person and the Nyotaimori Dinner going up a whole lot more. But think about it fellas, if you have disposable income, what is a better way to dispose of that income than on delicious sushi and hot naked Asian girls? I honestly can't think of anything better I'd like to spend my money on.

G Luxe Crew: when that ahole Tandori finally shows up, get ready to get your raw fish on.

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