Friday, May 15, 2009

Model Cruises

model cruises newport rhode island
Newport, Rhode Island isn't one of those places that is high on my "must visit" list. But after reading about Model Cruises, it's moved up a few notches. As the name implies, Model Cruises provides passengers with a wonderful afternoon (or evening) sailing off the shores of Newport in a yacht surrounded by bikini-clad models. Think floating strip club - or at least bikini club. The company claims all activities on the boat are legit and the yacht is manned by a US Coast Guard licensed captain. The all-inclusive pricing includes snacks and refreshments as well as $100 in tipping tokens for the girls. Tipping for what we're not sure, but we can guess. Some of the "models" shown on the site are pretty know, in that Girls Gone Wild kinda way. So if you have to visit the Northeast this summer, make sure to swing by Newport and book yourself a cruise.

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