Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Imola Race Resort

imola race resort south africa
Crew Member Tandori is currently spending quite a bit of time down in Africa helping tutor a bunch of kids in Kenya - that's at least his cover story...we're hoping it's nothing more nefarious. If Tandori plans on spending more time in Africa (either planning the next attack or saving the continent one kid at a time), he should check out the Imola Race Resort that's being built on the Waterford Golf & River Estate in South Africa. The resort is fashioned after similar exotic car clubs in North America and Europe where owners of fast exotic cars can drive their babies on an actual race track, unfettered by silly things like road rules and Highway Patrol. The Imola race track will replicate the Kyalami course which was once home to the South African Grand Prix. The resort will offer five-star facilities as well as an advanced driving school so that all their rich club members don't all expire in fireball crashes. Memberships will be exclusive and likely to be expensive as hell.

via luxist.com

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