Thursday, April 30, 2009

Green Sex Toys

jimmyjane offers $25 for destroying old sex toys
Did you know that your favorite sex toy could be bad for the environment? Go figure. As Eco to the People so eloquently puts it:

"Close your eyes and make a mental picture of how many vibrators are clogging up landfills right now simply because of a dead motor. Scary image, isn’t it?"

Actually, it's a funny image...but I digress. If you don't want your self-pleasuring ways to destroy the environment, consider taking advantage of
Jimmyjane's motor replacement guarantee. They're also offering a $25 credit if you post a photo or description of you "decommissioning" your old sex toy.

We're wondering if our Green Crusader friend Callie will take advantage of the offer. Just kidding Callie.

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