Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ascari Race Resort

ascari race resort
Located in Spain's southern Andalusian Mountains is the ultimate rich boy's paradise. Picture this: a private 5.4 km racetrack situated against a gorgeous backdrop where for a measly $162,000 and a $6,500 annual fee, you'll get to spend 50 days a year driving race-prepped Lotus Elises, BMW's, former F1 machines, and even a supercar. That's what you'll find at the Ascari Race Resort, a dream destination for any car enthusiast that was created by entrepreneur Klass Zwart.

In addition to providing a world-class automotive experience, the resort also provides its guest with luxury accommodations including ten well-appointed villas, a spa, salon, clay shooting range, pools, bars, and even a helicopter pad if you want to be flown to a nearby beach.

Message to Crewmember Tandori: if my arse is getting on a 10+ hour flight to Europe next year, you better set up at least a couple track days at Ascari.

via luxist.com

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