Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wolverine 721 LTD Boots

Gents, if you're looking for a pair of good looking boots that will probably last you longer than your marriage, check out the 721 LTD boot which is part of Wolverine's 1000 Mile Boot Collection.  When you hear Wolverine, you probably think work boots.  And yes, they make great work boots for those that actually build stuff with their hands for a living.  However, the 1000 Mile Collection is a bit more up-scale and feature high-quality boots inspired by the company's original designs from over 100 years ago.  Made in America and limited to 1000 pairs worldwide, each pair of the 721 LTD's is hand-numbered, wrapped in a felt bag and comes with a certificate of authenticity and basswood shoetrees.  The boots are available at select retailers for $725 a pair. 

wolverine 721 ltd 1000 mile boot collection

via Leffot


Callie said...

Oooh, these are pretty sexy. I love 'em and most especially, the stylish, no-nonsense man who'd be wearing them...

Amber B. Schmeling said...

wow!1 What a smart boot collection these are! I love to wear this boot in fall season. The boots has historical feature and high-quality. Great boots, everybody should prefer for winter season.