Friday, February 15, 2008

Luxe of the Day: Billet Bones Dominoes

Billet Bones Dominoes

Even if you don't play dominoes, you'll still fall in love with these beautiful pieces from Billet Bones. Each one is made in an 8-step process from T6 aircraft quality billett aluminum. The Double 9 Platinum model shown here will run you $500. Engraving is available for an extra charge. If you need a reason to justify the cost, just think of them as works of art and not just dominoes. At least that's what you should tell your wife when she sees the bill. You can purchase this set at Billett Bones.


cmp said...

Thank you for a totally useless and money wasting gift idea. Now I know what to get all of my celebrity friends for Christmas next year!

Great site!

The Gizmole! said...

Hi Jim, I've added your link to's homepage, it would be great if you could link back! Thanks!