Friday, October 29, 2010

Burn by Rocky Patel

On November 6, one of our favorite cigar makers will be opening up a new cigar lounge in Naples, Florida.  Rocky Patel will debut Burn, a high-end cigar lounge that will accommodate up to 300 smokers.  The cigar bar will not only feature all of RP’s cigars including our favorites The Edge and Decade, but also cigars from his competitors.  In addition to great smokes, you’ll be able to enjoy top-flight alcoholic beverages served seat-side by roving mixologists and their mobile drink carts.  We’re hoping Burn becomes a huge success and inspires Rocky to open up a few more lounges, especially here in SoCal.

via Cigar Aficionado


garth said...

Burn eschews common cigar bar decor in favor of the exotic. Its ambiance draws aloft the styles of extensive lands, from Cuba to the Mediterranean Basin and Asia Minor.

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