Monday, January 10, 2011

Acutouch 9500 Massage Chair

acutouch 9500 ces
I've been on a massage kick lately, and with it spending way too much money on my masseuse Judy.  Perhaps I wouldn't have to go so often if I had this Acutouch 9500 massage chair that was featured at CES.  The Acutouch has customizable massage functions and features a detection system that can map pressure points on your back.  The best part for all you iPhone and iPad junkies is that the Acutouch has an associated app that you can download off iTunes which will let you control the massage chair.  At $5200 for the recliner and $100 bucks per weekly massage, I can justify the cost of the Acutouch if I forgo a year's worth of Judy's massages.  Not sure I'm ready to give up her heavenly hands quite yet.

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