Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Are you a Gastrosexual?

tyler florence gastrosexual
First there was the Metrosexual (that would be Crew Member Drewsky). Now comes the Gastrosexual. According to the Urban Dictionary, a Gastrosexual is:

- A man who sees cooking as a hobby and not just a chore.

- Deeply passionate about analysis and innovation and creativity in cuisine.

- May often dress like a metrosexual, and itsn't afraid to explore his artistic side and even feminine side through cooking.

- Men who use their culinary skills to impress their friends and potential love interests.

So ladies, what do you think about a man who is a Gastrosexual? If you likey I may have to start taking some cooking classes.

via seriouseats.com

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AD said...

Gastrosexual is not a term that one should find sexy. Sounds like a stomach problem that you would be well advised to stay downwind of. The term 'metro' as it pertains to me must refer to my insatiable taste for shoes of the Italian variety and my never ending search for the true sense of style that defines all true followers of 'Sprezzatura'.