Friday, December 26, 2008

Ultimate Fantasy Trophy

ultimate fantasy football trophy
Sadly for me, Crew Member Tandori knocked me out of the playoffs in our 14-team fantasy football league this year. To lose to a guy who drafted Rex Grossman as his #1 quarterback just because he "saw him play on TV last year" is truly embarrassing. Luckily, all the winner gets this year is a cheesy Yahoo trophy (along with $800). Next year, I'm going to convince the cheap bastards in the league to pony up a bit more cash and get a custom trophy from Titlecraft. These bad boys start from $399 a trophy and can easily blow past $599 depending on the amount of customization you do to the trophy. Options include multiple types of wood and veneer, and you can even add Swarovski crystals to your league's very own Lombardi Trophy. Order one for your league at


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