Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Smythson Travel Backgammon Set

luxury smythson travel backgammon set
True story: I was once on a tropical vacation with a gorgeous model.  We were sitting poolside and she wanted to play a board game, perhaps some backgammon.  I didn't have a backgammon set.  She was disappointed.  Now imagine if I had this travel backgammon set from Smythson which features Nubuck leather lining, dark brown Mara leather cover, and of course backgammon chips.  The gorgeous model wouldn't have been disappointed and all would be good in the world.  Be prepared in case you find yourself poolside on a tropical island with a model.  But this set for $530.


backgammon set said...

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herik dedevol said...

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Anonymous said...

Instead he ended up in his room playing with himself.