Friday, September 26, 2008

Louis Vuitton Yachts

royal van lent louis vuitton yachts
Crewmember Tandori spends the first three weeks of every year sailing around some exotic locale. This year he'll be island hopping somewhere in the Caribbeans with six of his buddies, dropping anchor at a different spot everyday. We're hoping that Tandori soon graduates from his little sailing dingy to something much more proper, like a yacht from Royal Van Lent, which was recently acquired by the parent company of luxury house Louis Vuitton. The high-end Dutch yacht-maker specializes in custom mega-yachts which are usually 60 feet and larger. While it may seem odd that someone would make such an acquisition what with the current financial crisis and even bankers tightening their belts, Louis Vuitton's Antonio Belloni comments:

“We are confident about its growth potential in the exclusive mega-yacht sector, a market with sustainable growth prospects.”

If you're interested in buying your own pimp vessel, be prepared to drop over $40 million. And that's before the cash for the crew and gas.


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