Monday, May 19, 2008

Luxe of the Day: Concierge Service International

We use to know this guy in college, lets call him Alvin, cause that's his name, who was one of the cheapest bastards on the planet. He would do almost anything to save a buck. The only redeeming quality of a person like this is that you can pay him very little to do your grunt work. Need to clean the bbq? Two bucks and he'll scrub away with a toothbrush. Buy him a $3.99 lunch special at the local Chinese restaurant and he'll run and go pick up the food for the rest of the group.

Since we've all upgraded our lifestyle (and acquaintances), we need a more high-end service provider than Alvin. One option is Concierge Service International, a full-service concierge company based in New York City with affiliate service providers throughout the country. They offer a wide range of services for the busy jet-setter, including:

- Reservations for top restaurants around the world and suggestions for pre/post dinner entertainment
- Invitations to select openings and premieres
- Access to the best tickets to all events including theater, concerts and sporting
- Guest lists and bottle service reservations for top nightclubs and lounges
- Party and event planning for any and all occasions
- Access to private or special events, functions and clubs
- Private jet and luxury yacht charters
- Premier security services
- Holiday shopping and unique gift assistance and suggestions
- Fashion consultant and make-over services

Their services don't come cheap but neither is your time. Go to to learn more.

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