Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Original Moonshine Whiskey

Whiskey lovers: there’s a new spirit for you hitting the market shortly.  Moonshine is a clear-whiskey that is 80 proof, all-natural, and gluton-free.  So what’s with the Moonshine name?  Well the product is charcoal-filtered and distilled four times in a Prohibition-era copper pot still, the same process used by many a moonshiners.  According to the company behind Moonshine, the whiskey has the following taste characteristics:

- It blends the recipe of centuries ago with the smooth, refined flavors that appeal to today's palate
- Nose: ­ Freshly snapped cornhusk, but only after a bare drizzle of pure water is added to open the nose
- Taste: ­ Smooth, mellow and elegant. A mid warm sweetness of unrefined raw sugar, retaining the richness from freshly picked corn.
- Finish: ­ A pleasant and tempered clean finish, void of impurities, with a diffused and balanced lingering of warmth.
- Versatility: The subtle, distinctive character is most noticeable when sipped just shy of neat with a slash of pure water. When wall bruised with ice, it transforms into a creamy, voluptuous, satiny texture. The mixability of this spirit is most friendly to any fruit that has medium or strong acidity, but is also well-matched with most mixers within the bartender's repertoire.

We haven't tried it ourselves so we can't comment on the taste.  Hopefully, their marketing reps will send us a sample so that our in-house whisky expert Drewsky can give an official review.

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Anonymous said...

had some last night ! excellent ! bring it on .....but you should raise the proof .