Friday, November 26, 2010

Tequila Avion Review

Last week, we told you about the $125,000 house party courtesy of Tequila Avion.  Well we got a hold of a bottle Tequila Avion Silver this past weekend and here we present to you Crew Member Drewsky's review:

What happens when one takes what is effectively a spiny desert plant and decides to distill it?  Well I'll tell you it's not bar soap, but rather one product that can come from this artisanal effigy is called tequila. Much like Napa Valley in California and the Bordeaux region in France are to wine, one region in Mexico is to tequila is Jalisco.

The tequila agave is a native of Jalisco, Mexico and tequila which is commonly referred to as blue agave favors high altitudes and grows in the rich and sandy soils of the highlands in the Los Altos region of Jalisco.  In order to get its sexy on, the flowers of this plant must be pollinated by a native bat - you probably won't find that happening in the vineyards of France or California.

Now, on to the flavor, of which the taste arises from the slow roasting of the agave's heart in traditional brick ovens followed by a unique small batch distillation process of which Avion says "culminates with a proprietary filtering method coined 'ultra slow filtration' and finally to the unique moment of elation."  I can dig it.

This tasting started of like most others, 2-fingers into a tumbler, followed by checking the nose and sipping. What you will find while tasting Avion is the nose is complex.  There were hints of smokey pinyon, and mineral water with something else that was difficult to put into words until later.  You will find a velvet finish on the tongue during the first sip which due to the alcohol content cleans the palette for further rounds. This was complemented on subsequent tastings with bits of kumquat and cream on the finish with an easy going swallow not usual for tequilas.  Would I mix this tequila?  No.  This one was meant for slow sipping on evenings with fellow agave connoisseurs and pairs well with bolder more robust cigars that will complement its complex nose.

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Anonymous said...

This is by far the smoothest tequila we ever had. RIP Patron.