Wednesday, November 17, 2010

House Party Courtesy of Tequila Avion and Friends

So you just plunked down a large chunk of your net worth for that swanky hilltop home.  Now what are you going to do with your new humble abode?  Well how about having event-planner extraordinaire Colin Cowie throw you the mother-of-all dinner parties complete with gourmet dishes prepared by Todd English and signature cocktails prepared with Tequila Avion by mixologist Yusef Austin?  Following dinner, you and 75 of your closest friends can then party the night away while dancing to hot sets by celebrity DJ Donna d’Cruz.  All of this doesn’t come cheap of course as you’ll need to possibly take out a second mortgage to pay for the $125,000 tab which will cover the evening’s festivities.  Once you’ve given the home owner’s association a heads up, you can book the party through Neiman Marcus’ 2010 Christmas Book

 If $125,000 seems a tad bit pricey for a house party, you can probably throw your own shindig for a lot less.  Instead of Todd English, invite over Crew Member Drewsky and he’ll grill up some of his famous tri-tip.  And while DJ Donna d’Cruz might be a bit of a bank-buster, your cousin Bill can probably bring down the house with his iPod.  One area where you won’t have to skimp is on the tequila.  Tequila Avion is made of the finest Blue Weber Agave from high up in Jalisco, Mexico.  Bottles of Tequila Avion Silver go for $40-$50, Reposado for $45-$55, and Anejo for $50-$60.  We’re looking forward to getting a bottle to sample and we’ll get you a review as soon as we do.  

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