Friday, November 5, 2010

Private Mid-Air Concert

Imagine that you landed your dream girl: Part-time lingerie model, full-time advertising exec, and by the way, she also volunteers at a pet shelter during her free time.  Your one-year anniversary is coming up and you're stressing about where to take her.  Well how about a private concert with her favorite artist aboard a charter flight?  If you've got the cash, aircraft charter broker Air Partner can help you make this dream date possible.  A few months back, the company helped James Blunt break a world record for the highest concert ever, performing in a privately chartered Boeing 767 42,000 feet above the North Sea.  Honestly, we think an in-flight concert on a private jet would be one helluva memorable date.  Our only advice would me not to hire Mr. Blunt since he'll likely end up joining the Mile High Club with your girl.

Here is an in-flight concert we would have LOVED to see:

via Paradizo

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