Monday, February 16, 2009

Evil Tequila

1800 evil tequila essential
Update 2/16/09:The next time you're out on the town and wondering where you and your posse can go to enjoy some 1800 Tequila, just log on to and use their new Store Locator where you can use your iPhone or other web-enabled phone to find all the bars and restaurants that sell the tasty tequila.

Update 11/28/08: The generous folks at 1800 Tequila sent us a bottle of their special edition tequila to sample, which the G Luxe Crew happily did this past weekend. Since Crew Member Drewsky is the resident tequila expert, he provided the following review:

"A lot of us remember college by the late nights, pizza, and bikini parties. Well maybe not the bikini party for most of you but definitely the all too requisite Cuervo brown sipping contest involving quarters, a glass and articles of clothes coming off.

Unfortunately the memories of the tequila are not the fondest of those from your animal house days..

Now that your acne has cleared and you've stepped up to the big leagues try something a bit smoother.
Like most of you, I stopped sipping the brown immediately after the morning I woke up and couldn't remember why I was sleeping in the bushes outside my dorm window.

Fast forward a few years later- while enjoying a night out at a posh spot, a friend turned me on to something I thought I left far behind-- tequila. Now don't get me wrong, premium tequila is as similar to Cuervo brown as Old E' is to Fat Tire. Not the same league. Something's are just not worth revisiting.

Tequila 1800 makes you forget the worst of times.. Makes you realize why your father always drank it straight, why you didn't have hair on your chest, and why you won't be going back to the brown ever again.

This is smooth sipping tequila, this is the Marvin Gaye of tequila. Hints of citrus and oak tantalize the tongue just before the 80 proof kicks you in the throat. We enjoyed it the other night in Los Angeles while smoking premium stogies and reviling of past glories and future victories. Have it with a cube of ice, have it straight, hell play a more sophisticated game of quarters again but this time make sure you make it to the bed before passing out."

Update 11/10/08: G Luxers, want to have your creative side shown to the world? 1800 Tequila is now taking art submissions where you could have your design placed on an upcoming bottle of 1800 Tequila. Winners will also get $10,000 plus appear in a national advertising campaign. If you end up winning, we hope you send your friends at G Luxe a free bottle. Enter your design at

We have to admit, we're not sure how good 1800 Tequila is, but we love with what they've done with the new limited edition, where they've asked nine artists to design their limited edition bottles. Check out all the bottles at

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