Saturday, October 30, 2010

Private Poker at Hard Rock Las Vegas

I've always loved playing poker.  I think it's a great game and in fact, I believe it's something that should be taught to kids as it teaches them some important life skills such as risk taking, bluffing, and patience.  However, one thing that really bothers me about the game now that it's so main stream that even sports channels are featuring poker tournaments (you can make a case how bowling is a sport, but poker...please) are all the posers out there playing with their shades acting like they're the next coming of Phil Hellmuth.  This is why I hate playing poker at casinos.  Well now the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas is offering you and a few dozen of your closest friends the opportunity to rent out their eight-table poker lounge so that you don't have to deal with these wannabes.  Although, chances are you'll still have to deal with your friends acting like jackarses.  Read more at Urban Daddy.  

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