Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jet Around in a MonoTracer

monotracer by peraves
You're probably staring at the picture above and wondering what the heck it is.  Is it a car?  A motorcycle?  Not exactly.  What you're looking is the MonoTracer by the Swiss-based company Peraves.  The current gas-powered version features a Kevlar cockpit, iPod connectivity, electric sunroof, navigation system, and even storage space for your luggage.  In addition, this sleek two-seater can reach a top speed of 160 mph and get up to 60-70 mpg.  An electric version which can hit 200 mph won the Progressive Insurance X Prize last Fall and will go into production this Spring.  The current MonoTracer starts at $75K, but sorry, it doesn't come with cupholders.

Check out the video below by our friend Callie Calimlim as she reviews the MonoTracer during Opportunity Green 2010.