Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Get the Girl, and the Tesla

4m club matchmaking get tesla
Sadly, I'm known among my friends as someone who has pathetically little game. My guy friends are always trying to get me to holla at random strangers. My girl friends (vs girlfriends) are telling me I should sign up to one of those dating sites like Match.com or eHarmony. It's a sad state of affairs I tell ya.

Well if I had a quarter million dollars to blow, I could sign up for the Rolls Royce package by the exclusive matchmaking firm 4M Club based in Seattle. For the price of an ugly condo, they'll match me up with potential Mrs. Jaba's. According to their site, they will "scour the planet until [they] find your soul mate, for the greatest ride of your life!" They better scour real hard for $250,000. To make the service fee seem less absurd, they're currently throwing in a Tesla all-electric Roadster as part of the package. So now I can pick up the future misses in green luxury.

If the price tag for the Rolls Royce package is still too steep, they also offer less pricey options starting at around $25,000. Of course, the cynic in me says that I'm sure I can pay some girl that same amount to simply pretend to be my perfect girl for a few months.

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