Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bespoke Sommelier

winelife somellier
Unlike Crew Members Drewsky and Shadinsky, I know very little about wine. When they start rambling on about vintage year and tannins, I start tuning out. So if I was ever to throw a hoity-toity dinner party with a bunch of power brokers, I'd do well in hiring my own sommelier service, like the ones started by top UK sommeliers Philippe Messy and Gearoid Devany. Winelife is the name of their venture and they are currently putting together a team of top wine experts out to provide the wealthy with a bespoke sommeilier service for an undisclosed yearly fee. Their two latest recruits include Christopher Delalonde of The Square and Sebastian Chevalier of Amber at Hong Kong's Mandarin Oriental.


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