Monday, October 6, 2008

Stockinger for Bentley Safes

stockinger for bentley safes
With the equity in your home evaporating daily and your stock portfolio becoming as worthless as a University of Phoenix diploma, you'll need to protect whatever hard assets you have remaining. If you're a collector of fine watches and/or the husband of a high-maintenance gold-digger who has spent much of your hard-earned dollars on diamonds and gold jewelry, consider storing your valuables in one of the two new safes developed by Stockinger in conjunction with Bentley.

Both the Arnage and the Continental models, which are part of the Stockinger for Bentley collection, features leather linings and brushed aluminum interior finish and borrows design elements from the interiors of Bentley automobiles. Each and every bespoke safe is carefully constructed in an 18-stage process which takes several weeks to complete, and you can customize the exterior from any one of Bentley's standard colors. To make it clear that your safe is a luxury vault, the handle features the landmark Bentley "B" right in the center, and since only 400 of both models will be made, you can be confident that your country club mate won't have one.

Watch collectors will want the Arnage which comes equipped with state-of-the-art watch winders, whose noiseless movement is guaranteed to be maintenance free for life. For those of you whose bling collection consists of cufflinks, loose stones, necklaces, and rings, go for the Continental which comes with six different trays that provide plenty of storage area.

According to Dominik von Ribbentrop, the owner of Stockinger:

“Stockinger’s passion is to enrich the grey world of bulky safes with a high-class product that is as secure as a bank, as precise as a master time piece, and as beautiful as a piece of the finest art.”

And they're probably safer than your local WaMu branch.

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