Sunday, October 5, 2008

$15 Million Blog

bankaholic sells for $15 million
We're so freaking jealous. recently reported that, a Wordpress blog operated by one dude, just sold for approximately $15 million to financial information site, Fifteen million freaking dollars. The lucky bastard who who will be cashing the multi-million dollar check is Johns Wu who will continue running the blog after the sale. The reason the blog fetched such top dollar is that it ranks high on many banking terms and also has a high Alexa ranking. Most of its revenue is generated via Google's Adsense.

Dear readers, please help us someday get to a similar liquidation event. Grab our RSS Feed and tell all your friends about G Luxe. If we ever get anything close to $15 million, we promise to throw the most pimp-daddy party and invite all of you as our VIP guests.

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