Monday, May 5, 2008

Luxe of the Day: Bremont Watch, be like Bear Grylls

Bremont watch that bear grylls wears
Bear Grylls is one of the most bad-ass dudes on the planet. A former British Special Forces commando, Bear is also the youngest person to summit Mount Everest. He now stars in a show called Man vs. Wild, where he risks life and limb surviving some of the World's harshest locales.

As a watch fan, I've noticed that he wears some cool looking time pieces and wondered what kind they were. After doing a little Googling, I found my answer on The Breitling Watch Blog. In addition to wearing a Breitling Emergency, Bear also sports a watch by a relatively new British brand called Bremont.

Started by two brothers who were interested in creating durable, high-quality aviation watches, Bremont specializes in designing and producing limited, hand-made watches that are made from the hardest steel used by any watch manufacturer and are all tested and finished to aviation standards. And as you can tell by the picture of the ALT1-Z, Bremont watches are also very good looking.

Bremont watches are available in selected UK retailers and in a few Tourneau stores in Los Angeles and New York. Go to to learn more.


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