Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Black Ops Beer

block ops beer brooklyn brewery
Crew Member Drewsky, who we've ridiculed plenty on this blog for thinking that he's a commando (he's not), is probably getting all excited right now reading about Black Ops Beer by Brooklyn Brewery.  Settle down Drewsky, this isn't beer made just for the SpecOps or the wannabe community.  It's a Russian Imperial Stout beer that has been aged for 4 months in Bourbon barrels, bottle flat, then re-fermented with Champagne yeast.  According to the folks at Gear Patrol, the beer "delivers a legion of robust flavors: chocolate, coffee, vanilla oak, and strong notes of bourbon."  Sounds yummy.  Only 1,000 cases have been brewed with each bottle going for about $26.

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AD said...

This sounds yummo going to put it on my must try list.