Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Clement Aged Rhum Agricol Martinique, $31.95

The Clement Aged Rhum Agricol Martinique has been rank the #1 rum of the year by Morrell Wine. Here is their description:

"Habitation Clément's Rhum's may just be some of the finest rums made in the world. Since they are in the rum agricole style which lends itself to producing dryer, almost cognac like rums of great complexity. Every single rum they make is good enough to be considered a sipping rum to have out of a snifter or on the rocks. But with so much going on that they make extra-ordinarily good cocktails as well".

Morrell has this fine bottle of rum for $31.95, a few bucks cheaper than we've seen at other retailers including BevMo. Go to MorrellWine.com to order.

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AD said...

As I got a lil' older and albeit a wee bit wiser, I found that rum or ron as its called in some countries was great as a sipping spirit. Who would have thunk it? Rum? Straight? no chaser? Yes.... and more yes. What did pirates drink for the gods sake. Rum has a storied history and those true pioneers who are paying homage to the age old tradition of distilling the sugar cane plant are paying homage to one of my all time favorite wet vices. So as it is, this will be one ron sin coke (rum no soda) that I will be sipping soon.