Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Luxe Deal of the Day: Tod’s Signature Messenger Bag

Last week, I received my pair of Ferragamo World Chukka Boots that I ordered online.  After taking advantage of a sale and a Bloomie’s gift card I received for spending way too much money at that store, the price of the boots came out to about $180 (including shipping) which was well below the $295 retail price.  I'm usually not a sale kind of guy but this inspired me.  We’re going to try something new on G Luxe: we’ll showcase great deals on luxe items and services that we find from our endless perusing of the web.  Don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn G Luxe into some discount site where you'll find 3-for-1 deals on tube socks or any of that nonsense.  There are plenty of other sites for that.  We’ll remain true to our roots and keeps things focused only on the good stuff.

Today’s deal is this great looking messenger bag by Tod’s that we found on Barney’s.  It normally retails for $1,250 but is on sale for $629.  Buy discounted gift cards here and here, and save another $36, bringing the price of the bag to $593 (free ground shipping).

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