Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Icelandic Fire

I’m prone to spending cash on the silliest of things.  Like the time I spent over $400 on an Elvis lunch pail.  That’s right, one of those lunch pails you brought to school as a little kid - this particular one with a picture of Elvis swaying his hips on it.  It may have also had rhinestones.  In any case, it was not one of my finest purchases, although in my defense it was for a sexy little girl who for some reason really wanted it (by little I mean she’s petite, not underage).  Another potential silly purchase that is currently tempting yours truly is this Lava Cube of Fire that I found on Gear Patrol.  Made of raw Icelandic lava and fueled by a non-toxic bio ethanol alcohol, this glorified candle is certain to impress your friends and/or burn down your place.  At $379, at least it’s cheaper than an Elvis lunch pail.

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