Monday, November 8, 2010

Coworth Park is Quite Green...and Luxurious

We've always approached the term "eco-luxury" with suspicion.  What luxury is being sacrificed in order to make something eco-friendly?  Does a hotel come with a beautiful infinity pool but the water is recycled from a local farm?  Is a world-class chef manning the kitchen but his dishes are all made of organic beets?  These are the kinds of things we're concerned about.  One place where such concerns don't appear to be applicable is at the Coworth Park eco-luxury country house located just 45 minutes outside of London.  This five-star country escape provides the weary city-dweller the perfect weekend retreat where they can ride horses and play with ducks, while at the same time enjoy top-notch cuisine by a 2-Michelin star chef and get pampered at gorgeous spa.  Rates start at £250 and can be booked on their website.  Check out the promotional video after the jump.

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