Monday, November 1, 2010

Charlie Sheen's Watch

By now you've probably heard of Charlie Sheen's latest fiasco in a New York hotel.  Things about the incident you may be wondering about: Who's the escort that was with him that night? Christina Walsh aka Capri Anderson.  How much did she charge?  Allegedly $12,000 for the night (seems kinda pricey in our humble and totally not-based-on-actual-experience opinion).  What watch did good 'ol Charlie accuse the lovely Capri of stealing which set off the coke-fed tantrum?  A Patek Philippe Reference 5970 that retails for $139K.  I guess we'd be pretty pissed too if we thought our high-end escort jacked our six-figure watch.  I mean, what happened to hooker professionalism?  Read more about Charlie's watch at Hodinkee.   


A said...

What does a $140,000. watch do that a $5000.00 watch does not?. And please don't give me the cliche, "..if you got the dough why not?.." What does this watch do for 140,000.00. I am an average middle-class, with an average man's reasoning. Please enlighten me.

Jaba said...

By that rationale, what does a $5000 watch do that a $50 or $5 watch for that matter doesn't? I don't have a $140,000 watch so I can't compare it to my $5K watch. However, I do have an $80K car and let me say its worth every single dollar over the $15K it would take to buy Toyota Tercel, which I've also driven. And its not because of the additional horsepower, or better handling, or aesthetics. It's worth the money simply because of the big silly grin it puts on my face every single time I jump in my car.