Friday, November 19, 2010

$750 for a Stick of Gurkha His Majesty Reserve

I love cigars.  I really do.  I've been smoking them since I was 17 years old and probably have gone through over 10,000 sticks over my lifetime.  I've smoked great ones and plenty of crappy ones.  I've celebrated cigars with friends and smoked them in solitude.  I probably spend more money on cigars than most people spend on food.  However, I can't imagine under what circumstance would lead me to spend $750 on a single cigar.  That is the market price for a stick of Gurkha's His Majesty Reserve Cigar, holder of the title "world's most expensive cigar."  Why is it so damn expensive?  Well the cigar is rolled with a secret blend of tobacco.  Nothing unusual there.  But then once they're rolled, they're infused with Louis XIII Cognac.  Less than 100 boxes of these pricey cigars are produced every year with boxes going for $15,000.  Are they worth the price?  Hell if I know.  If you're adamant that you need to smoke one before you die, you can break out your platinum at

via The Life of Luxury

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