Friday, October 29, 2010

200 HP in a Go Kart Sounds Like a Good Idea

One of the most fun things we’ve ever done was racing around in super karts at the Bondurant Racing School.   Those karts were powered by a 125cc, 35 hp engine and are capable of shooting past 100 mph.  The 2010 DP4 kart designed by Dennis Palatov on the other-hand packs a 1400cc 200 hp engine.  Sure Palatov’s kart weighs 4 times as much, but the six-fold horsepower advantage well makes up for the additional weight.  We can only imagine how crazy-ass-fun these karts are to drive. 
Actually, we have a vague idea based on the video below.   If you’re like Crew Member Drewsky who fancies himself a handy man, you can purchase a DIY kit for $25,900 or you can have a pre-built one delivered to you for $50,610.  Whichever one you decide on, remember this isn’t a street-legal vehicle.  So no racing up and down your cul-de-sac scaring your neighbors.  But if you decide to do so anyways, please send us a video.

via Gear Patrol

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