Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Black Box Wines

good boxed wine black box
A few years ago, I dated this girl who, let's just say I wouldn't bring home to Mama. She wasn't that bright and most likely an alcoholic. If the prophylactic had failed, our family's gene pool would have taken a few evolutionary steps backwards. The only thing this girl was interested in talking about was partying and boxed wines.

Chances are, the boxed wine she was referring to was nothing liked the quality grapes offered by Black Box Wines, a company started in 2002 that has been providing high quality wine at reasonable prices. By storing their wine in boxes instead of expensive bottles, they can offer their product at about half the price of comparable bottles. In addition, the box utilizes a vacuum-sealed back which means the wine can remain fresh for up to 4 weeks even after the initial pour.

And don't think that just because the wine comes in a box that it's some crappy swill. Their wines have won numerous accolades and medals and recently earned recommendations from Wine Spectator.

Buy yourself a box at a local retailer.

via justluxe.com

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